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Levo II | Cannabis Decarber/Infuser

Levo II

Levo II | Cannabis Decarber/Infuser

This machine decarbs cannabis and infuses it into your liquid of choice. Milk, cream, olive oil, butter, and honey are just some ideas. The Levo II can infuse up to one cup in each batch, making it a perfect size for the home THC cook. I love to use the LEVO2 because it has a decarb function and infuse function built right in; no more burnt batches. Just plug and play. I usually infuse for about thirty minutes at 140 degrees, resulting in a perfect infusion each time. This device really comes in handy if you are interested in making your own edibles or cannabis cocktails. Imagine having a stress free infused milk/cream for your coffee in the morning or infused honey for your afternoon/evening tea. All the parts are dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

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