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Lemon OG by DNA Genetics

Lemon OG | Flower DNA Genetics | Sol Flower

I’ve heard good and I have heard bad about the DNA Genetics here in AZ, but you never really know what anything is truly like until you try it yourself. So I decided to head to Sol and, using my FTP, I ended up with two 8ths for the price of one. Although I cannot say I was impressed with this strain, I will say I don’t have any complaints. The profile was definitely there. Cracking the lid, I was hit with a sweet citrus smell with hints of gas. This also came through in the flavor department very well so consuming it was actually pretty good. So I guess the flower was good and just lacked effects for me with the batch testing at 27.26% THC and THCa of 33.62% it really did not hit hard and I did end up smoking the 8th pretty quickly. So although the bud was tasty and lacked effects we are all different and not all strains work the same for everyone, so next time you see Lemon OG by DNA Genetics on the shelf id say its worth a try. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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