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Key Fob Vaporizer by Lokee Vape

Key Fob Vaporizer | Discreet Vaporizer Lokee Vape | Where: Valleywide 

Who loves surprises besides me? Well, last week Lokee stopped by the office and brought a load of goodies for the team. I was at my other job all day so when Arturo texted me and said he has a couple surprises for me I got excited. Then I opened the box and found my new Lokee key fob vape battery. I charged it up and turned it on by clicking the button 5 times. This battery has 5 settings and I opted for the lowest so I could taste all the terps in my live resin cartridge. Wow, what a great hit! My favorite part besides the cool design, is the key chain hook! Now I’ll never lose my vape battery. They have quite a few designs, colors, and styles of batteries. Go check them out and pick the one that works for you. By Courtney Baker – @bake.gets.baked.

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