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Kevin’s Hot Dog Stand | Interview

Weed and the munchies have gone hand in hand since the beginning of time. Sometimes we go through the kitchen and whip up a quick prison style meal to fulfill the craving. Other times we might take a drive to the nearest fast food parlor. One thing the Roach Clip loves to do is take a trip to downtown Phoenix, Central and Monroe to be exact, right across the street from the infamous haunted Hotel San Carlos. Kevin’s Hot Dog stand is a staple to the local lunch crowd, not only is he a master of the frankfurter, Kevin is also a grill master at heart, he was recently named Weber griller of the week. If your in the mood for a great lunch time meal and a stroll through downtown, Kevin’s Hot Dog stand is your perfect companion!  

What’s up man tell us a little bit about yourself?

Kevin: I’m just a regular Dad that drives from Gilbert to downtown Phoenix to slang hot dogs at lunchtime.

How did the Weber griller of the week come about?

Kevin: I got some recent recognition from Weber for my grilled turkey. They made me their “Griller of the Week” on all their social media accounts, but they found me on Instagram @grilling_in_gilbert.

Kevin's Hot Dog Stand

How long have you been in the food industry?

Kevin: I started working in Restaurants when I was 14, so almost 25 years. After working and managing at Red Lobster for almost 15 years I decided to do my own thing, so I could have more time with my family.

How did you end up getting the downtown spot, it seems like a prime location?

Kevin: I picked downtown for my location because of all the foot traffic at lunchtime Monday through Friday. My spot is in front of the biggest and tallest building in the state, the chase tower. Spots are auctioned off every year through the city, so I’ve been lucky to be able to continue to stay in the same place.

Do you have your weekly regulars?

Kevin: 90% of my business some days are my regulars.

Any stories about downtown, especially the San Carlos?

Kevin:  Everyone that works downtown is really cool. The crackheads are a different story. Always something crazy going on, just have to watch for a few minutes, everyday is different. Some guy even covered his whole head in his own feces after waking up from sleeping on the sidewalk for 3 hours, then walked to the light rail station, head and hands covered in poop and got arrested. People that work at San Carlos hotel eat at my stand and a couple have told me they think it’s haunted from their own experiences.


What’s your favorite way to eat a hot dog?

Kevin: I’ll have a hot dog any way that doesn’t include ketchup on it. The hot dog guy can’t put ketchup on his dog haha

What’s your top seller?

Kevin: I sell a lot of Sonoran Hot Dogs. It’s Arizona’s signature dog and I’m the only one that makes them downtown. Pinto beans, lots of Bacon, mayo, mustard, onions, tomatoes and Jalapeños.

Most interesting person you can recall buying a hot dog?

Kevin: I met Michael Bidwell, the Cardinals President at my hot dog stand when the Super Bowl was in town.

How have you watched downtown change in the last 3 years?

Kevin: Lots of growth downtown in the 4.5 years I’ve been slanging dogs. Always new buildings going up, renovations and new bars and restaurants opening. The new Fry’s will be a big deal.

Any last words for our readers?

Kevin: Life is too short to be stuck at a job you hate. Be happy, as long as you can pay your bills that is haha. The homeless people come by everyday when I’m cleaning up, because if I have any leftovers I feed them instead of just throwing away. It’s the right thing to do.

Hours of operation?

Kevin: I’m set up from 11-2 Monday through Friday on Central and Monroe.

Big shout out to Kevin and his family! One Love!

@roachclippodcast Roach Clip Radio Saturdays 5-7pm 102.9 FM KDIF South Phoenix Radio!

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Kevin's Hot Dog Stand


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