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Karma Genetics | Zowahh

Karma Genetics | Zowahh

On my last trip to the cannabis club I frequent in Madrid, I found my beloved Ortzadar was all sold out. I asked the budtender if they had any other strains from the same growers, as they grow organic weed that is more flavorful and potent than the other strains they usually carry. I was in luck, as they had a new strain I hadn’t tried - Zowahh. An indica-leaning strain from the Dutch seed company, Karma Genetics, Zowahh is a fusion of Zkittlez x Sour Diesel. No need to say more, two elite strains that I love, bred together and then organically grown by a proven cultivator that always hits the mark for me. The smell of this Zowahh is funky, it's one of the stinkier buds I’ve had in my jar lately. Zowahh, when grown properly, is a potent strain with some of the loudest terpenes I’ve seen this year in Spain.



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