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Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea & Gallery

Visit Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea, and Gallery in downtown Mesa located at 154 West Main St. Mesa 85201, call for any details for service at (480) 822-7146.

Main Street in Mesa is quiet; recovering from the recent quarantine, but one of its local shops is a hidden gem in the crown of Mesa’s downtown. Jarrod’s is a café, gallery, and summer kickback spot that you’ll want to know about and visit as businesses reopen. The wandering eye would catch some of the awe inspiring artwork from its windows while just walking by. If you come inside, you see how extensive the collection goes, and why this space serves local artists or jewelers as a gallery as well. The café is loaded with a full menu of coffees, teas, Italian sodas, and baked goods. Jarrod’s is also a place to shop for your CBD needs with the confidence that what they’re sourcing is quality and reputable. In fact, owner Jarrod Martinez is someone who stands in full support of cannabis and its community here in Arizona. His business on Main Street in Mesa is working towards cultivating an atmosphere that would intrigue any passerby or connoisseur, and has plans for new experiences in Mesa.

Since 2012, as an art gallery and jewelry merchant, Jarrod’s has been working to be a fixture in Mesa. The café portion came with expansion in August 2015, and they’ve only found success since. Another recent expansion for seating and more gallery space makes this a sprawling art or coffee spot that our area is known for. With a desire to showcase what Mesa has to offer, and contribute to the bigger communities of talent that exist, Jarrod’s has the “everything is for sale attitude” that decorates their space. A coast to coast traveler, Jarrod was a jewelry merchant who decided to settle down in downtown to build a creative space. The crowd is diverse and a reflection of some of the regular events that Jarrod’s will work to bring back. This includes but might be limited by safety guidelines to include, art shows, poetry, open mics, live music, and other art events.

As we get through June, we see spikes and resurgence of the pandemic in places including Arizona. The challenges that local businesses face is ever changing with what is needed to be safe. In speaking with Jarrod, he shows dedication to keeping his staff and patrons safe, so everything will be done with high standards and safety in mind. If you are in downtown Mesa and need a cool place to beat the heat, stop into Jarrod’s. You can vibe to cool art, see new talent at events, and have a refreshing beverage while you relax. If you are looking for that piece of art for the wall, new piece of jewelry, or vintage electric piano, come take a look at what might be available. In talking more with Jarrod, I see that support is not just of the business, but of creative space, and it has helped many artists to thrive. The Cactus community that is ready for a safe return should get excited for this summer; I talk more with Jarrod including plans for the future.

Mesa is one of the most interesting cities, what drew you to your location?

Well, I originally moved here with my brother for work, then I just fell in love with the beauty and how laid back it is here.

When visiting your cafe and gallery, what can people expect?

People can expect to see local artists, local live music, local handmade jewelry, and delicious handmade drinks or sandwiches; we also carry a wide variety of gluten free and vegan pastries.

Your space is very unique, what inspires the unique environment?

I always enjoyed art or design so I have the desire to make boring things more interesting and create life in a room, art just inspires me.

How would you describe the art that you have available in the gallery?

The art in our gallery represents locals, the community coming together and being creative by expressing themselves in beautiful ways; and I’m thankful that I can bring it all together and make an amazing room for people to enjoy.

I enjoy a lot of turquoise handmade jewelry as well as the vintage jewelry that we carry, also local artists that make amazing wire wrapped jewelry, or resin jewelry, or jewelry made out of silverware, just some of the very unique stuff we carry.

What are some recommendations for new visitors from your menu?

I recommend our amazing blended iced or hot chai, we have an amazing espresso with a hint of chocolate, our blended drinks are over the top and delicious, and our Italian sodas are amazing and refreshing.

With the pandemic in a holding pattern, and everything slowly returning to normal, how has your business been affected?

Everything just stopped all of a sudden the past 2 months due to Covid-19, but we are slowly reopening, we will build back up.

When or how can people looking to enjoy your cafe do so while practicing social distancing?

We have always kept this place super clean, disinfected and will continue to keep a safe clean environment. We have social distancing seating as well to keep everyone safe.

Your coffees and teas are very high quality, are they available to take home to enjoy?

Yes, you can buy our delicious teas and coffee to take home.

As the quarantine and social distancing end, what sort of events can people expect to return?

People can expect to see more live music shows, art shows, and just a great place for locals or out of towners to hang out.

Your support for local art also extends to poetry, comedy, and music, why is it important to support local art?

It is important to support local art, because it’s another way to support our community, and to support local handmade art in your community is the key to represent what’s unique or not seen then supported enough in local communities.

You’re in support of the cannabis and CBD movements, are you or any staff medical card holders?

Yes, we support CBD, the natural amazing effects, and yes we are medical card holders!

Any favorite strains, products, or dispensaries that you’d like to shout out?

Shout out to MüV dispensary and of course; I always love some Grand-Daddy Purp, or Pineapple OG.

Is there anything planned for the near future that you want to let people know about?

Yes, we are planning on opening a vegan/gluten-free bakery this summer as well as working on getting a beer and wine license. We just had a new expansion opened next door just before Covid-19 started, and we will continue to move forward with our plans as we reopen. Getting things up and going again is very exciting, thank you so much, and come enjoy a local fun unique coffee shop in your community today and support local!

Visit Jarrod’s Coffee, Tea, and Gallery in downtown Mesa located at 154 West Main St. Mesa 85201, call for any details for service at (480) 822-7146.

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Adrian Ryan was born in New Mexico and attended school since elementary in Arizona, his time growing up split between the two states. He hopes to work towards recreational cannabis, enjoys reading, writing, film, music, and also writing music.



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