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ISO Shine 99 | Isopropyl Alcohol by Fresh Glass Co.

ISO Shine 99 | Isopropyl Alcohol Fresh Glass Co. | Where: Online

I was gifted this neat little portable bottle of ISO during my visit to Glass Vegas a couple months back. The cool thing about this is it has two caps. One to pour out ISO as normal and another to measure a smaller amount of ISO into to just be able to simply dip your q tip in All you need to do is remove the cap on the smaller section, squeeze the bottle gently until that section fills with the alcohol and bam ready to swab. Now you may be saying well i can just buy a bottle of alcohol and while that may be true now you will need to pour that alcohol into something and while traveling on a plane anything over 3oz usually has to be discarded. This 3oz bottle is convenient in a couple ways and you should definitely check it out if you travel a lot. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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