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Isaiah A. Rowley | Interview

Isaiah A. Rowley | A slice of Pagliacci pizza with the multi-disciplined entrepreneur

Age: 22

Location: Issaquah, Washington

You’ve lived in a lot of other places too?

Yeah, California, Texas, Okinawa, Japan, Turkey, Darwin, Australia, South Carolina and North Carolina, Florida, Fairbanks, Alaska.

Currently listening to:

Giveon, Heartbreak Anniversary. I’ll have that repeat forever.

What do you do for work?

I own my own real estate company, Rowley Properties based here in Issaquah and I own my own cannabis company that’s pretty much my occupation right now. I do a bunch of crypto and trading and I’m invested in NFT’s.

And for fun?

I like singing. I like snowboarding, a lot. I write music. And I like to read action-adventure, anything that gets me out of this world.

What is your favorite way to consume cannabis?

Pre-rolls are my go-to, easy and then you’re stoned.

Do you ever roll your own?

Never. I will never roll my own. Why would I with pre-rolls.

Indica, sativa?

Hybrid, hybrid infused. So I need some wax on that too. I want to be sitting on the couch, and thinking I’m on a roller coaster. I feel like with a hybrid you get a good mix. It’s like, if you want to go to be active, it gets you in a state of mind where you can go be active but if you don’t, you can just enjoy where you are.

Do you have a favorite strain?

Khalifa Kush is my favorite, Wiz Khalifa’s own strain.

Do you have any personal cannabis rituals?

I always have to find a spot where I can look out. Somewhere I can take someone to, and it’s like mindblowing. Like something new, you go there and you’re like, wow, I’ve never seen the city from this angle, like this spot isn’t on a map.

Right now, it’s the top of my building. I didn’t know I could get to the top of my building. There’s no roof access but I found out one of the workers left the door unlocked. So I climbed the stairs on top of the roof and the view of the city was amazing.

Do you have a favorite “codeword” for being stoned?

I didn’t used to, but my buddy started saying these things that I thought were so funny. He’s like, “man, I’m twisted” but I’m high too so I’m like, “you’re speckledoorfed” and he’s like, “oh, I’m tiddlywinked”. I was like, what does that even mean?

Best / strangest stoned food combo?

Any sort of bread, I like white bread, honey glazed turkey, mayonnaise, easy cheese, your favorite chips (I like sour cream and onion, cheddar ruffles or hot cheetos with lime) another layer of easy cheese on top. You put it together and that crunch is like no other.

Strangest? I feel like that’s pretty strange. I did try a pickle with mayonnaise one time.

Favorite cottonmouth remedy?

Chocolate milk or strawberry milk. Darigold is the best, the old-fashioned chocolate. And here’s the best combination, my mom taught me this. 75% chocolate milk, and 25% regular milk. Best chocolate milk ever, there’s something about mixing them together.

Favorite stoner movie?

Pineapple Express and the Interview. Anything with Seth Rogan, or James Franco.

Favorite smoking accessory?

Dab pens. I love them on the go.

Did you ever try the dab pens when they first came out where you take the wax and put it onto a coil?

No, I never tried that.

Do you remember the first time you had a dab?

Yes. Hundred percent. You’ve never been high like that until you’ve tried dabs. I was at my friend’s friend’s place. So we’re taking them and I started coughing like no other and then I laid down, and then I could not stop laughing.

We ended up at his sister’s house who had a new baby, and his parents were coming. I’m thinking like I can do this, I’m just gonna play games on my phone, and then I realized I was just staring at a blank screen the whole time and Michael’s dad was just like, ”Isaiah are you ok?”

Dead or Alive, your ultimate smoke sesh guest list?

Bob Marley, Wiz Khalifa, Snoop Dogg, and I would have to say my parents, because then I could see them. They probably wouldn’t have smoked but maybe they would?

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