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Instagram Video Lands Vermont Cannabis Grower in Hot Water

Devon Deyhle, a cannabis grower in Vermont, was fined heavily after posting a video on Instagram that showed him delivering marijuana to New York. The delivery was in violation of both Vermont and New York state laws.

Deyhle had posted the video on his Instagram account and it quickly went viral. The video showed him driving to New York with a bag of marijuana in the back of his car. He then proceeded to make a delivery to an unknown person in New York.

The video caught the attention of law enforcement officials, who launched an investigation into the matter. They were able to track down Deyhle and arrested him for violating state laws.

After his arrest, Deyhle was fined heavily for his actions. He also faced other legal consequences, including the loss of his cannabis grower's license.

This incident highlights the need for cannabis growers to be aware of state laws and regulations. While cannabis may be legal in some states, it is still illegal in others, and violating these laws can have serious consequences.

As the cannabis industry continues to grow and expand, it is important for all stakeholders to act responsibly and in accordance with state laws. This will not only help to ensure the long-term sustainability of the industry but also protect individuals from legal consequences.

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