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Infused Sour Sensi Stripes by Vital

Infused Sour Sensi Stripes | 50mg THC Vital | Where: Zen Leaf Dispensary

Although I’m not really into too many candies or sweets, I find a sour option to be a bit different and nice and awakening to the taste buds. I’m not really sure how these are infused but I must say, although the taste wasn’t unpleasant, there definitely was a slight medicine taste which I really didn’t mind, it reminded me they were medicated. It being a 50mg bag I really didn’t have to watch my dose as I usually start with at least a few hundred mgs. I see this as a good product as an introduction to edibles so even if you eat the whole bag you won’t be completely wrecked. The buzz was mild but a tad more on the sedative side. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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