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Infused Red Beet Gimlet

Infused Red Beet Gimlet

Klaus found that when you roast beets for at least an hour in a 400 degree oven- pierced so they don’t explode all over your oven, you achieve a certain symmetry within the culinary realm of flavor and technique- over speed. I love roasted beets in a cocktail. They can be vegan if you take this simple recipe and make it yours.

In the restaurant I use a proxy (non-alcoholic) gin- but I also do the drink with Ford’s London Dry Gin, so it’s up to you. The measurements of the liquor are a tad greater with the proxy- but you can decide when it’s time for another how strong you want that drink to be.

Remember, when mixing cannabis into a craft cocktail, less is definitely more. Getting someone completely obliterated is not the goal for the conscious bartender. The experience should be pleasurable, conversive and friendly.

Recipe: Infused Red Beet Gimlet


  • ½ cup roasted beets, cubed

  • 6 oz. Gin-Ish (Boisson sells this online because they can mail it to you!) as an alternative, I also use Mondays . Their “non-alc” gin is also fabulous! Klaus loves it too!

  • If you are making the drink with a London Dry Gin, I’d cut the volume to 4 oz. but it’s up to you.

  • 2 oz. Oven Roasted Lime juice- split limes, dot with Angostura like below

  • 2 oz. Oven Roasted Lemon Juice -split lemons, dot with about fifteen drops of Angostura Bitters and broil or roast for seven minutes, turn and roast another three minutes, cool and juice

  • Large Cube Ice

  • 2 oz. Agave Simple Syrup- 2/1 ratio warm water to agave syrup- keep cool

  • Chocolate Bitters (like Scrappy’s) I infused a 5 oz. bottle with 250mg of THC in my Levo2.


  1. To a cocktail mixing glass, muddle the beets until they give up their secrets and liquid- about thirty seconds or so.

  2. Add the oven roasted lemon juice and the agave simple syrup, stir

  3. Add the gin and fill the vessel ¾ with bar ice

  4. Stir for about 45 seconds to chill and combine

  5. Strain into two Rocks glasses over the large cube ice

  6. Dot with the THC infused Chocolate Bitters

  7. Serve to an inquisitive and thirsty imbiber

I love to use the strain known as Black Girl Magic OG for an accompaniment to this gorgeous little cocktail. I was fortunate to receive a professional sample recently and it stunned me immediately with a truly terroir driven nose of freshly cut tarragon and spicy salsa. A whiff of cilantro came into view- drilling down into more sizzling hot spices and stone fruits. There’s some gas in there, European Petrol- laced with kerosene- or paraffin. The curing is gorgeous, the buds are giving to my fingers, I would never put them through a grinder. Patience is needed here; the magic is in the slowest motion. Rub a little bit between your forefinger and your palm to open up the richly textured scent from the hand-tended flowers to the atmosphere. I wish I had more to experiment with!

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