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Infused Cocktail: Arcosanti Fizz

Arcosanti Fizz

I love the idea of gearing fall flavors in my weed cocktails to those that emulate the season. Citrus seems to work extremely well in this regard and since there are some warm-ish days left before I’m digging out the driveway, I can grill some blood oranges to make juice.

Blood Oranges are extremely food-friendly, and their dark color will mask any greenish- hue that your infusions may take on. Whatever your desire, I feel very strongly about combining these piquant, yet honeyed citrus fruits with the grill. Adding to the equation, I love to combine a touch of the historic and memorable Hatch Chilies from New Mexico. These must be grilled right alongside your blood orange halves. Their alluring and haunting smoke trails from the chilies will permeate the citrus adding another dimension to the already potent aromatics. Add to this mixture an infusion of ginger from Pickett’s. I chose the medium spicy ginger syrup, just enough kick to set itself apart from the Hatch burn. Ginger is also wonderful for the gut. I always take some ginger candy with me when I go for a car ride.

In your Levo2, I recommend decarbing at least .50 of an ounce of the highest quality flower. I used the Kool Whip from the beyond uber-quality dispensary named Verdes Foundation. This flower although grown in the thin air at nearly 6000 feet in elevation, is brightly attenuated with earth notes and potent bursts of spicy bittersweet chocolate and brown butter coated hazelnuts. Crushed stones come into view offering brioche toast soldier dipped into hot honey down your throat.

Then I add the Pickett’s Ginger Syrup into the reservoir Levo2 and infuse the cannabis for its prescribed time. My happy place? Just set it and forget it with the Levo2.

That’s your THC infused ginger syrup for the cocktail.

Arco Santi Fizz “punch” for the holidays and beyond. Far beyond. 2 cocktails or maybe three.


  • 12 split blood oranges- moistened with Angostura Bitters then grilled until charred

  • 4-6 Hatch Chilies (grilled until charred and then de-seeded... with gloves on please, strip off the skin and chop over the grilled blood oranges, let rest until cool

  • Juice the blood oranges and hatch chiles into a non-reactive container..

  • Set aside and keep cool until use

  • 1-750ml.bottle Belgian Cherry Lambic

  • 2-3 oz. Pickett’s “Infused” Ginger Syrup

  • 2 oz. Balsamic Vinegar

  • 6 oz. Blood Orange/Hatch Chile juice


  1. Pre-chill two rocks glasses until frosty

  2. Add one large cube of ice

  3. To a Cocktail Mixing glass filled ¾ with ice - Pour over the ice 2 oz Belgian Cherry Lambic

  4. Pour into the mixing glass the infused ginger syrup

  5. Add the Balsamic Vinegar

  6. Add the Blood Orange Hatch Chile juice

  7. Stir until well combined

  8. Pour into your rocks glasses with a charred orange zest for garnish

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