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Including Cannabis on Your Wedding Day

So, you’re getting married and you love weed. The thought of spending thousands of dollars on alcohol for your guests when you may not even have any yourself is stressful. Maybe you want a way for your friends and family who regularly consume cannabis to feel like they have a space to enjoy themselves. Afterall it is 2021 and many states have legalized adult use and the party is on.

Been There, Done That

I got married on October 2, 2021 and had a strong desire to make sure cannabis was a part of our big day. There were many concerns around how to incorporate cannabis to our event. We wanted to be respectful to our guests and family who do not personally choose to partake as well as restricting access to any children or teens attending the event. Addressing these concerns was step 1 in making sure we could have cannabis welcomed on the big day. Afterall, our hope was to have a peaceful wedding with an alternative to alcohol present with the hopes of the next day following without a hangover.

Cannabis Wedding

3 Ways I Incorporated Cannabis on My Wedding Day

Location – Legal State + Clear Consumption Laws

We chose to get married on our friend’s private property in Wells, Maine. Cannabis has been legal in Maine since 2016 so their medical and adult use programs are advanced compared to some states. The location was key for us to even be able to consider adding cannabis consumption to the big day.

Clearly-Defined Smoking Section

Having an ashtray where people could stand around was not the answer. Cannabis shouldn’t be blanketed in with other forms of smoking such as cigars and cigarettes. Cannabis consumption in our minds should be chill and include glass like a bong or a dab rig if needed. We decided to rent a vintage VW camper van and made that the smoking section. For real, we actually rented a vintage “hippie bus” to park off to the side at the event. It was like a scene from Cheech and Chong as smoke continually billowed out the windows of the bus during the entire event. We provided our guests with multiple smoking devices in the bus and there were several seats to make yourself comfortable inside.

Clear Communication of Bring Your Own Cannabis

Providing cannabis for everyone is where legally things can get messy so we decided to make this a BYOC (bring your own cannabis) event. We sent a small note letting guests know there would be some wine and beer provided at the event but if anyone wanted to bring liquor or “something to smoke” they would need to bring their own. In my experience, if you tell someone who loves cannabis they are able to bring their own and consume it at an event they most definitely will. Many people brought extra for us as a gift and we were able to share an unlimited supply through the day and night.

Cannabis Wedding

It’s Your Turn

Now you’re getting married and you don’t have to worry about ditching the weed on your big day. You have the chance to get creative with this new space. Lots of parts of weddings already have years of traditions tied to them. Including cannabis on your wedding day is a relatively new thing. The book hasn’t been written and depending on your wedding planner they may be shocked at your request in the first place. Stand your ground if you want cannabis present. There is always a way to respectfully and safely integrate it and trust me it is worth the extra effort. Some people say you don’t eat much on your wedding day but I assure you, we did NOT have that problem. I hope you find a fun and interesting way to incorporate cannabis on your big day. Congratulations and may your two hearts become one love.


Kelly Anne Walborn Ferraro is a long time lover of cannabis in all forms. She got married to her amazing partner, Anthony Ferraro on October 2, 2021! Kelly spends a majority of her time helping companies hire dedicated tech teams. Kelly shares about her personal journey with cannabis and some of the experiences she has had in the past. Check out some of their short form videos about how Anthony tackles the world as a blind man. The Ferraro’s end all their creative pieces with the message of “One Love”.


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