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Ice Cream Cake by Qualifire Farms

Ice Cream Cake | Homegrown Flower  Qualifire Farms | Where: NFS

I wrote an article a couple years back on Qualifire Farms down in Tucson. Qualifier grows some of the most amazing flowers I have ever had and does it all for the love of the plant. This Ice Cream Cake is definitely some absolute fire. From the looks of the buds to the whiteness of the ash everything about this ICC was truly amazing. The smell was of the dankest pastry you ever encountered. The flavor matched the smell with a bit more gassy notes on the exhale. The effects were strong, sedative and definitely not for the novice smoker. I hear they’re working on some new things. Hopefully I get gifted some of those flowers as well. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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