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HyKreations | Interview

HyKreations offers a variety of services for your cannabis and non cannabis agricultural needs. They offer plant fertilizers, consulting services, and they are also excellent writers. We had the awesome opportunity to sit and chat with the two like minded scientists who also like to medicate when the time is right. Derex and Anthony are not your average dudes, they are smarter than the average man and can guzzle a forty with the best of them.

How did you get into the scientific field?

Anthony: I am a microbiologist by training since that is what I went to school for. My work career got started as a lab tech and then I worked my way up the ranks to actually being able to handle and grow bacteria.

Derex: I am an Environmental Scientist by training, a businessman by necessity.

How does the fermentation of beer happen?

Derex: Basically it comes down to microorganisms (Yeast) breaking down a starch source and water. Eventually that starch will be broken down into sugars and then converted to alcohol.

How did you two meet?

Anthony: I started working for a local agriculture company about three years ago and this guy (Derex) happened to be my boss, I can remember when I was a County Health Inspector and I wasn’t really feeling it anymore. My mom sent me this text about a job ad in the paper. I had applied for it from the West Valley View. It was for an entry level microbiologist and I was like that sounds cool, it sounds like exactly what I want. I get a missed phone call from a number I didn’t recognize. They didn’t leave a message so I called back, I was like did someone just call me from this phone number and the receptionist ask what do I do. I let her know I just applied for a job. She told me I needed to reach Derex. I called again and he didn’t answer, I left him a message. Finally he gets ahold of me and schedules an interview. He doesn’t call me back for like six weeks so I’m thinking I did not get this job at all.

Did you forget to call him back Derex?

Derex: Oh NO I interviewed him right before I went on vacation. I took my trip to Alabama, came back and took a trip to Cali, came back and took a trip to Georgia. It wasn’t until I arrived in Georgia did I remember to call him back.Nevertheless I knew I was going to hire him from the start so it was no rush right!

After finally working together how did you guys start your own company?

Derex: I had already been with our previous company for about nine years and I hired Anthony on as a lab tech. It was one of those pissed off Fridays that lead into the weekend. I went over to his house and we discussed a few things and at that fucking moment he goes “What will we call ourselves?” I said we’re creative and we create when we’re high so we are high creations but we can’t make it that obvious so let’s call it HyKreations and switch out the I with a Y, and turn the C into a K.

When did you figure out you both smoke weed?

Derex: In the science lab, I was like “hey man, I got some Super Sour, you should try this.” He came back the next day like “Hey that gets you high that fast?” Yeah, that’s called fire!

Anthony: I didn’t even walk back into the house and I was already high.

Derex: Two weeks later Anthony said I want to show you something, He was like, “Bam! I got my card!” and that is when our little smoking venture started.

What exactly is a microbiologist?

Anthony: Microbiology is the study of your microbes which you can break it down to four major organisms. You got your bacterias, your viruses, your fungi and your parasites.

We work with bacteria and we work a little bit with fungi too but mainly bacteria. So what we do is we culture a bacteria. You can be a microbiologist in another sense of being a service microbiologist where you’ll just be running test checking for stuff like E. coli, molds, identifying organisms, there’s a whole bunch of jobs that you can have as a microbiologist. But for us what we are doing we culture up our microbes and that go in our end product.

We also have this big library that we are expanding. That’s our big thing, is to have a big library of beneficial microbes that we can grow up and educate people on their benefits. We are using them to inoculate soil to increase microbial diversity and so those microbes would then do all their benefits like producing antibiotics, protecting the plant, breaking down carbon sources making those nutrients more available for the plant roots to absorb.

Big thank you to: HyKreations

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