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High Rollerz Comes to Phoenix

Attention all Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fans in Phoenix, Arizona… get ready for the first ever High Rollerz BJJ tournament in Phoenix on May 28th, 2023! This is a unique event that combines high-level grappling with the entertainment of a Las Vegas bout.

According to Joe Rogan, “The High Rollerz BJJ puts on competitions where elite athletes smoke marijuana and compete. These guys smoke weed and then get out there and roll. It’s exciting and they are all nerd assassins and they are all doing jiu jitsu.”

The High Rollerz BJJ tournament is a unique Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition that combines high-level grappling with a cannabis atmosphere. Over 50 successful tournaments have been held in Las Vegas, and feature a variety of divisions for competitors of different levels, ages, and weight classes. We’ve known about the High Rollerz tournaments for years and Cannabis Cactus is happy to partner with them officially to bring this event to the valley.

What sets the High Rollerz tournament apart from other BJJ competitions is its focus on entertainment and spectacle. The tournament is held in a venue that resembles a Las Vegas scene, complete with neon lights and a live DJ. Competitors are introduced with walk-out music and flashy video graphics, adding to the excitement of the event.

The tournament format is also unique, with matches consisting of two five-minute rounds. In the event of a tie, the match is decided by a sudden-death round. The winner of each match receives a prize, with larger cash amounts awarded to competitors who advance furthest in the tournament.

In the past, there have been High Rollerz events and competitions in the cannabis community that have offered prizes such as cannabis products, including a pound of flower. These events were often seen as a way to showcase the quality of their products but, more importantly, helped showcase the willingness of athletes to be public about their cannabis use for muscle recovery and training purposes.

Cannabis Athletes

Cannabis can potentially help fight athletes with their recovery in several ways. First, cannabis has anti-inflammatory properties that can help reduce inflammation and pain associated with injuries sustained during training or fights. This can be particularly beneficial for athletes who experience chronic pain due to repetitive training and competition.

Another way that cannabis can aid in recovery is by improving tissue oxygenation. THC, the primary psychoactive compound in cannabis, has been shown to increase blood flow to certain areas of the body. This increased blood flow can potentially improve oxygenation of tissues, leading to faster recovery and improved performance.

Cannabis can also help combat sport athletes with their mental health by reducing stress and anxiety. The stress and pressure of training and competing at the highest level can take a toll on an athlete’s mental wellbeing, leading to anxiety and other mental health issues. Cannabis can help reduce stress and anxiety levels, allowing athletes to recover both physically and mentally.

Cannabis can also potentially help athletes get better sleep. Good quality sleep is essential for muscle recovery and overall health. Athletes who use cannabis before bedtime have reported improved sleep quality and duration, leading to better recovery and overall performance.

High Rollerz

MMA fighter and BJJ black belt, Nate Diaz, supports High Rollerz and has performed at previous events. Other notable names currently supporting High Rollerz are rapper Wiz Khalifa and Cookies main man, Berner. Main event UFC fighter Jessica “Evil” Eye will be attending in Phoenix, along with other special guests, to meet fans and offer live broadcast commentary for some of the fights.

The HR25 Phoenix card will include multiple superfights for fans to enjoy, including the Main Event featuring nationally known 3x High Rollerz champion Elijah Carlton and local killer, Oscar De Los Santos, who we have interviewed in the past. The second fight will be a bonus for fans, as Mercedes White faces Mishaylah Rhodes in a special female featherweight superfight.

Fans can enjoy watching the open fights starting at 1pm, and then taping a live stream of HR25 in the evening, where the professional athletes will compete for cash prizes.

Walter Studios is a beautiful multipurpose venue in downtown Phoenix. They have separate areas that cater to young professionals during the week with open bars and restaurant concepts. On the weekends, Walter Studios feature yoga and wellness areas that fit perfectly with our High Rollerz athletic community. Each High Roller VIP fan ticket will include access to yoga and other wellness exhibitions on the property. Fight fans can enjoy separated areas where food and alcohol will be available onsite. Cannabis will be available from our wonderful sponsors in the High Rollerz studio all day long.

Tickets for this exciting event are limited, so make sure to buy your tickets now on Don’t miss the chance to witness some of the top BJJ competitors in the world compete in a unique and thrilling environment. We’ll see you at the High Rollerz BJJ tournament in Phoenix on May 28th!

Thank you High Rollerz BJJ for choosing Cannabis Cactus Magazine as the official media partner to bring this spectacle to the Arizona market. Click the link below to purchase tickets to High Rollers for the May 28th event in Phoenix, Arizona. Visit for athlete registration and updated bracket information.

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