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High Grade AZ x Exotic Genetix | Greasy RTZ

Greasy RTZ

High Grade AZ x Exotic Genetix | Greasy RTZ | 3.5g Mylar

The cultivar from Exotic Genetix Blends Grease Monkey x RTZ for a powerful indica, god-like hybrid. This one has wonderful qualities, recommended for connoisseurs anytime, but for light weights keep this one near the nightstand. With a fast onset and long-lasting effects, what more could you ask for? The nugs are dark and the flavor reminds me of cherries and other dark fruits. Cadrene, myrcene, and pinene contribute to flavors of fresh cut timber, orange and eucalyptus. Cannabis is starting to feel extremely potent for what is tested at 24% THC. Nice work by the team at High Grade AZ.

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