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Hemp Wick by Vegan Hemp Wick

Hemp Wick | 18 Feet Vegan Hemp Wick | Valley Wide

Our taste and smell senses are tuned to notice changes, not constant smells. This is why people are able to live next to a smelly factory and seem to ‘get used to’ the smell – sort of a taste/smell tolerance. In the same way, you probably don’t notice the flavor of your lighter as you’ve gotten used to it. I challenge you to smoke one bowl with a hemp wick to reset your senses, allowing you to taste how bad your lighter is. Every cannabis smoker needs a hemp wick as part of their smoking kit, even more so if you use pipes or bongs. These hemp wicks last a long time. I usually keep a couple feet wrapped around my lighter. You’ll never ruin your good weed with a gas lighter again. By Joseph Cassini.


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