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Heady Swabs | Banger Tank


Heady Swabs | Banger Tank

These tanks are a must have for all heady collectors. Every single high end glass collector uses Isopropyl Alcohol to clean their quartz nails, not only after every sesh but in between every dab as well. It is vital to clean out the residual oils in your banger after every dab to ensure the longevity of the quartz as well as optimal heat retention and flavor, never burn out the oil as a way to clean as that will permanently stain your banger which we call chazzing. Also, most heady collectors have very expensive bangers that on average run 300-400 bucks and would like to take care of them and keep them clean. When seshing or even just at home, the tank makes it super easy to clean quartz and accessories like pearls and caps. After I take my dab, I swab out as much residual oil as I can, wait for the banger temp to reach under 200 degrees and just toss the banger in the tank filled with ISO and grab a new banger and I'm ready for another dab. If you didn't take too hot of a dab, this should pretty much completely clean your banger after every use and it's also large enough to fit multiple bangers of all shapes and sizes.



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