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Have you Heard about The Inventing Room?

Well, if you are an AZ local and a fan of Solventless extracts you probably have heard about this newer company putting out some quality solventless concentrate. If you are not from Arizona or haven’t heard of them yet, well that’s what I’m here for. I was honored to be paid a visit by CEO and Founder of The Inventing Room @green_wilder and talk about how they have become one of the new solventless companies in the state in such little time and during a worldwide pandemic.

So I first heard of Jacob, Mr. @green_wilder at the beginning of 2020 from a friend who had told me to follow this guy because he was already working for one of the best companies putting out some of the best meds in the state, but had plans of starting his own solventless line. So, I did go ahead and follow and just a few months later in March I saw his presentation of his first logo and announcement of their state licensed/compliant operation that was named The Inventing Room. Just a month later in April, their new and current logo was made using a Willy Wonka theme as a promise that they will always be imaginative and creative. So, with their logo, lab, and equipment all up and running, these guys vowed to hit shelves valley wide by October 2020. So the wait began and, as promised, they sure did hit dispensary shelves In October of 2020 and have been on a roll ever since. But with all this madness going on with the pandemic, I had to know more about this man and his team playing with fire.

Jacob Karp is the Founder and CEO of this great solventless line that can be found in many dispensaries across the State of Arizona, but it wasn’t an easy road or an overnight success. Born and raised here in Arizona, Jacob has always had passion for cannabis and pursued a career in the field before the medical program was even established. In 2012 when Prop 203 passed, Jacob left the traditional market to begin working at the first open state licensed dispensary where they built the first state licensed concentrate laboratory. What this company found success in was being the first to be able to offer raw distillate in the state which would later come to be known as SAP. SAP went on to be judged and won a local competition called The Errl Cup.

After helping build this lab and working there for some time, Jacob Karp left to travel around the country doing some private consultations for concentrate companies. Jacob would help these companies build their labs and train their staff to be efficient in the art of extraction. While Jacob was traveling, he worked with the Make a Wish Foundation and Mayo Clinic by helping families with terminally ill children obtain their medical products and gave dosing recommendations. So, after traveling a bit helping extract companies get started and families learn about the medicinal value of cannabis, Jacob decided to return home to Arizona.

Once he came back home to sunny Arizona, Jacob started with another newer company where he once again helped build their lab, but this time he stuck around as the lab manager. He further built his reputation as @green_wilder by innovation and constant hard work in the lab of this great newer company who would also be the first state licensed organization in Arizona to release a unique extract that would also win The Errl Cup. This unique extract was Live Hash Rosin, a solventless extract that is made by “washing” live or freshly frozen material in ice water as the solvent to create bubble hash which is then put in nylon bags with a specific micron size to be pressed between to heated plates.

But after extracting for over a decade, helping several state labs get up and running, be successful and even win some awards, Jacob felt it was time to take the leap and leave the company he was with and start his own venture in the legal cannabis industry. March of 2020 during a pandemic and Jacob also becoming a father for the first time, The Inventing Room was also born. This is what really made me interested in his story. For most of us, I’m sure it was hard to even hold a job. Most would think this wouldn’t be the best time to start a business especially with all this pandemic stuff, a new baby and technically being unemployed from leaving his last company, but this only motivated Jacob.

Not only did Jacob put all his finances into his dream, but his time, effort and much more. Being jobless and in a pandemic with a newborn, he discussed the feelings of doubt with his wife but immediately shook those out of both their heads and said there was no option. The Inventing Room would be born and it would thrive, and boy were they right. Since they first hit shelves, they have now spread to over 25 dispensaries and usually sell out the first day. I myself had been trying to get my hands on some for quite some time but didn’t get lucky enough ironically until the day before I met with Jacob. I must say these guys are definitely putting out some great meds.

The Inventing Room is by no means a one man show. Jacob made sure I knew that without the support and help of his team and family he would not be where he is today. State licensed through one of our sponsors, Nirvana Center and with all their material being grown by Genesis Bioceuticals a huge thank you is sent to both teams for helping bring a new amazing solventless option to patients across the state and for growing quality material for these guys to press. Jacob also has a right-hand man and COO who he considers family @slabbiedavis. This dude has been in the lab with Jacob for years now and transitioned over with him from the last company. I actually owe him a personal thank you for serving me up some tasty dabs at the last Errl Cup event, definitely give his IG a follow.

So with this company being a newer family oriented company with no corporate investors, I think we should all support these AZ locals doing some great things for the culture. Jacob’s wife is the Co-owner, his brother-in-law the packager and other brother-in-law the delivery guy. This really is a tight knit operation. Although it is a newer company, they are definitely not new to this industry and I personally have faith that these guys will consistently put out a quality product for patients and recreational users alike. With their packaging also being completely biodegradable you can definitely tell they care about what they do and the people who consume their products. It was an honor and pleasure to meet Jacob and am proud to call him a friend now. I hope you all follow @the__inventing__room and try them out at least once, their Snoop Dawg was my personal favorite. Let me know yours when you give them a try.

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