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Grow Sciences | Tropicana Punch


Grow Sciences | Tropicana Punch

I was absolutely amazed by this flower from Grow Sciences. This right here is what cannabis companies should aim for. GS really set the bar high for this one and can honestly say I will scoop it every single time I see it from now on. Tropicana Punch smelled and tasted exactly as it sounded. Cracking the lid, I was immediately hit with a strong terpene uppercut of oranges. Upon break up, the scent of literal fruit punch came out with the orange still there on the back end. The flavor was absolutely phenomenal, absolute orange and fruit candy like a unique jolly rancher mix or something. I don't know, but I do know it was delicious. The effects were strong but uplifting and euphoric. A perfect smoke for the morning or any time of the day. This is a true connoisseur strain for the fruit terp lovers. Go get yours at Sol Flower Dispensary.



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