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Gov Ducey denies Telemedicine for MMJ Clinics

Governor Ducey denies Arizona residents the right to use telemedicine for medical marijuana certifications. Federal orders have lifted bans on Telemedicine but Governor Ducey has excluded MMJ clinics from this order. All other medical offices are being allowed to see patients and write prescriptions from digital platforms like Skype.

I hope we can flatten the curve by keeping our elders and most compromised patients at home for the time being.” said Liz Valentine, owner of Green Star Doctors. “We are still open at the office and have measures in place to keep patients safe. This is not logical for cannabis patients or clinics when other offices are allowed to operate using Telemedicine!” said Valentine.

Skype calling your doctor for an appointment is one example of Telemedicine or Telehealth. There are many different platforms that link patients to doctors In eliminate the burden of traveling to and from the office. This has always been beneficial for people who are unable to leave their house or simply want to take advantage of the conveniences for a simple doctor visit. Medical marijuana is a perfect candidate for telemedicine and my first MMJ card was certified by a Skype doctor in California. California made the service legal in 2014 in compliance with the business and professions code. Telemedicine is considered to be a useful tool as long as it does not change the standard of diagnosis and treatment. This service is especially important during this pandemic that we are currently in. Our most vulnerable citizens should have the option to stay in and take advantage of Telehealth services online.

Call governor Ducey’s office to demand that they add cannabis certification clinics to the list of Telehealth services allowed. There are many patients that have to rely on this service for cannabis medicine. Leave a comment online and a voicemail with his office.

Office of Governor Doug Ducey: 1700 W. WASHINGTON ST. PHOENIX, AZ. 85007 602-542-4331

Michael Cassini is the founder and editor in chief of The Cannabis Cactus Magazine. He focuses on community relationships with a goal to maintain a culture of love, peace and knowledge in the cannabis industry.



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