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Gorilla Orange Diesel Live Nug Run by Clean Concentrates

Gorilla Orange Diesel | Live Nug Run Clean Concentrates | Nirvana Center

This Sativa Hybrid packed a punch! The smell of sweet cream with a hint of banana pleasantly crept up my nose, such a wonderful surprise. I love those terps from citrus and fruit strains but bananas are definitely more unique and hard to find flavor so once I smelled it, I was excited to try it. Dropping in about a quarter gram at about 600 degrees, the melt was nice and clean. The flavor was wonderful with both the banana and cream flavors coming in strong and blending very well. Not going to lie, the terps definitely hit hard and made me cough a lot, but you haven’t lived till you died a little so after working up a sweat choking my ass off, I was ready for lunch. Definitely a must try. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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