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Gorilla Butter Sugar Wax by Aeriz

Gorilla Butter | Sugar Wax Aeriz | Nirvana Dispensary

Man oh man!! I have to start off by saying I am more than impressed with this strain in concentrate form. Me being more of a dabber, this option hit the nail on the head in every category. Upon opening the jar, the smell from this wet terpy sugar immediately creeps up your nose. Sweet gas with hints of garlic made my mouth water. I mean, who doesn’t like something sweet with a little spice and this one was definitely both. Immediately upon inhalation, I tasted sweet gassy candy with a hint of garlic that became stronger on the exhale. This was a very tasty dab. The effects were strong and a bit sedative, and after a dab, I didn’t want to do much besides eat and watch TV. So I would say this is an excellent strain to relax with, enjoy a movie and build an appetite. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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