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Gold Fish Farms: Cultivating Organic, Ethically Grown Cannabis For Holistic Well-Being

Gold Fish Farms

Gold Fish Farms is a small business owned, operated, and grown by a woman. They are dedicated to nurturing organic cannabis that is produced ethically. Their goal is to offer pure and holistic products, promoting wellness for the mind, body, and soul. They encourage natural health through organic cannabis therapy. The ladies also provide cannabis services and education to treat illnesses and injuries. At Gold Fish Farms, their main priority is creating exceptional cannabis.

Gold Fish Farms
Jordyn helping out in the clone rooms at Gold Fish Farms with Rhea.

Nature’s Balance: Cultivating Organic Cannabis With Love And Care

Gold Fish Farms believes in cultivating organic cannabis with nature’s balance in mind. They nurture plants for healthy growth and high-quality holistic cannabis. With meticulous care and attention, their team tends to each plant. This ensures they grow in a balanced environment that mimics nature’s harmony. Nurturing the plants directly reflects the quality of the cannabis they produce, so they invest significant effort in the process. By adhering to organic practices and tending to the plants with love, they create a recipe for the finest holistic cannabis around.

Gold Fish Farms
Ladies lookin’ lovely inside a Gold Fish Farms organic grow tent.

Variety And Convenience: Exceptional Cannabis For Every Individual

Gold Fish Farms promises to offer its customers a wide variety of cannabis products. Products that cater to their unique needs and preferences. Whether you’re seeking relief from chronic pain, anxiety, or other health conditions, they strive to provide holistic solutions that support your well-being. Their commitment to crafting exceptional cannabis ensures that each product delivers the desired effects while maintaining the highest quality standards. With a focus on convenience, they aim to make your cannabis experience seamless and accessible. This allows you to reap the benefits of holistic cannabis with ease.

Gold Fish Farms
Adrienne shows Jordyn the view of Gold Fish Farms at sunset.

Collaborative Craftsmanship: Growing And Crafting Medicine With Intention

Every morning, the Gold Fish Farms team wakes up with a shared intention: to grow and craft medicine for their valued customers. They begin their days in the garden. They work together as a cohesive team, and set intentions for the tasks ahead. Through collaborative efforts, they bring their seeds to flower, carefully nurturing each plant to reach its fullest potential. This collective dedication and craftsmanship result in exceptional cannabis. The cannabis they proudly offer to their customers. They believe that by working collaboratively and infusing their work with intention, they can create holistic cannabis that truly embodies the healing properties of the plant.

Gold Fish Farms
@rhealistic13 master grower of Gold Fish Farms and cultivation dreamer

Elevate Your Well-Being: Join The Gold Fish Farms’ Community Of Holistic Cannabis Enthusiasts

Gold Fish Farms is not just a cannabis farm; it is a sanctuary of holistic well-being. As a woman-owned, operated, and grown small business, they are passionate about providing pure, holistic products that nurture the mind, body, and soul. With a commitment to organic cultivation practices, exceptional quality, variety, and collaborative craftsmanship, they aim to connect individuals seeking a holistic and sustainable approach to health with the healing properties of organic cannabis. Join them on this transformative journey as they grow and craft exceptional medicine, rooted in nature’s balance and delivered with love. Gold Fish Farms invites you to experience the finest holistic cannabis, carefully cultivated to support your well-being and elevate your holistic health journey.

Meet the women of Gold Fish Farms



Rhea Estrada is a New Mexican Native. She has been growing organic cannabis for 12 years and consulting for 4 years. With a background in holistic health, she holds a strong moral for keeping the cannabis natural, chemicaland pesticide-free. Rhea is inspired to help people learn about cannabis so they can grow their own plant medicine and connect with their community.



Adrienne Hindi Hubbard has her master’s in mechanical engineering. Adrienne works with a startup company that creates waterless waterproofing of textiles, an industry that is known for waste-water contamination. Adrienne has always understood the power of organic cannabis and the impact it has on the environment. She is our CEO & sustainability specialist.



Native New Mexican, Natalie Jackson has worked within the cannabis industry for over a decade. Her primary roles in the field have been high volume processing, and the creations of topicals and edible concoctions. She earned a bachelor’s degree in biology, with a minor in chemistry, and was a collegiate athlete.

Meet the cannabis of Gold Fish Farms

ABOVE: Peyote Skittlez, bred by @seedsmangenetics, destined to become some good rosin.

ABOVE: Another fire collab coming out of the Gold Fish lab! 90u Cold Cure Rosin dripping with Live Tropical Mint vibes. Grown by @cowboyrx2022 & @desertfrostgenetics!

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