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GMO x GSC Live Hash Rosin by The Superior

GMO x GSC | Live Hash Rosin Superior | The Superior Dispensary

Good ol GMO, it’s hard to hate that garlic funk that just reeks so good. GSC the sweet earthy girl that everyone just seems to love. I would have to say, these two strains are usually a hit and although they have been around for quite a bit now, always seem to be enjoyed by newcomers and connoisseurs alike. The man @hashmanjohn over at Superior squished these two girls together to create this beautiful solventless budder. Sorry Girl Scout but GMO definitely came through strong on this one. With absolutely no hints of GSC in the smell or flavor, I did not mind the garlic on this at all, very tasty. One dab of this and my back pain vanished, euphoria set in along with some relaxation and hunger. A perfect strain for after work to help relax and build an appetite for a nice dinner. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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