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German Relaxation Digestif

German Relaxation Digestif

After dinner quaffs are all the rage right now. Amaro seems to take center stage; other

drinks such as Fernet Branca and to a greater extent, drinks like the 1970’s Sambuca or the

dreaded Espresso Martini, all are on everyone’s lips.

I choose to take a different tack or your post-prandial delight. Instead of another lackluster cup of the quality (read “not very good”) coffee you’ve been serving yourself at home, start with a fresh pot of a uniquely dark and smoky tea from China, named Lapsang Souchong. This

“smoked” tea is available almost everywhere because of its potent and memorable brewing

characteristics. Add to this toasty tea a healthy dollop or two of warmed, whipped cream - after all, your grandmom was right about warm dairy before bed. Follow the warmed milk with some grade B, extra dark maple syrup to which you’ve infused nearly an ounce of your finest cannabis.

Doesn’t that sound delicious? There’s also four ounces of German Walnut liqueur in the pot. I

knew you’d ask what part Germany played in this drink. And why not top this olfactory delight off with some Fee Brother’s Cardamom Bitters? Joe Fee would have been proud… now you’re talking.

Recipe for one pot - two persons of infused tea.


  • 4 oz. German Walnut liqueur - your choice

  • 1 pot Lapsang Souchong Tea brewed extra-long - I use loose tea, you should too

  • 1 cup warmed milk

  • 4 tablespoons Cannabis Infused Maple Syrup - recipe to follow

  • 5-10 shakes Fee Brother’s Cardamom Bitters


  1. To make the Maple Syrup with THC: first, decarb one ounce of the finest flowers - cannabis is

  2. preferred, but you can use hemp if you feel like it.

  3. After the cannabis is decarbed, add it to a cup of extra dark (grade B) maple syrup in a double

  4. boiler.

  5. Slowly simmer, not over 160 degrees for an hour covered lightly, add water as necessary.

  6. Let cool and use in your craft cocktails like this “relaxer”.

  7. Preheat a couple thick stoneware mugs with boiling water.

  8. Fill ½ with the Lapsang Souchong Tea.

  9. Gently spoon in the THC-infused Maple syrup over the tea.

  10. Top with ½ cup or so of the warmed milk over the top.

  11. Dot with Cardamom Bitters.

  12. Serve to sleepy time.


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