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Gas Pass: The Story of Brett Felman

According to their website, it was the summer of 1997 when Wonderbrett co-owner Brett Feldman was gifted the original OG Kush strain. In no time, Brett found himself to be amongst the elite growers of LA. By 1999, Brett found himself providing his highly sought out after cannabis to some of the biggest names in the music industry. Names like Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem and Xzibit. In 2014, Brett decided it was time to release his goods to the public.

Pink Picasso by Wonderbrett
Pink Picasso by Wonderbrett

Welcome to Arizona

On February 24th, 2023, Brett brought his brand to Arizona. For the launch we got three strains. The Pink Picasso, Blueberry Purp and Cherry Trop all made their debuts here in the valley. With a motto like "Flavor and experience over everything" I was truly excited to get my hands on all three of them. With a reputation so pristine, this launch was a huge deal for us here in the desert.

Terp City

Once I learned about the strains that were coming, I had to do my research on their lineage. The Blueberry Purp is a Grand Daddy Purple x WB’s Beyond Blueberry v1 x OZ Kush Cookies & Cream cross. This was the strain I was the most excited for. Cherry Trop is a Cherry Cookies x Trop Cookies cross. That was the one I was the least excited to try. Simply because trop anything is not for me. Lastly, the Pink Picasso. Which is a Candyland x OZ Kush cross. I anticipated this one to have a balanced mixture of candy and gas terpenes.

Blueberry Purp by Wonderbrett
Blueberry Purp by Wonderbrett

Whats in the Water?

When I tell you the looks were all these strains had going for them, I mean that is literally all they had going for them. For strains that looked so immaculate, I expected every feature to follow suit. However, that was not the case. From the very moment I got a whiff of the contents in the jars, my entire mood changed. It was as if I opened up a can of fish food. I can not make this up and it wasn't just one strain. All three strains had this algae-like smell to it. It almost made me sick. I can't recall a time, I have ever smelled weed like this.

That Wonderbrett Taste

The flavor on all three strains was by far some of the worst I've ever experienced in all my years of smoking weed. It was worse than those Cookie packs we used to get from Harvest. If you ever had any of those Cookies strains here in AZ, then you know exactly what taste I am talking about. As I hit the weed, I imagined that's what lake water tastes like.

Trop Cherry by Wonderbrett
Trop Cherry by Wonderbrett

Bust of the Year?

If you were to ask me, I would say this launch was one of the biggest busts I have ever experienced. Don't get me wrong, the marketing was on point and the packaging was very nice. I will also always give credit where credit is due and they did nail the presentation of the actual flower. I am just blown away by the fact that they thought the smell and taste of their product was market worthy. Especially for a brand that prides themselves on the user's experience when using their product. Wonderbrett did let me know that they were going to do better at quality controlling their product. I truly hope that is the case and that we can see major improvements on their next batch.


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