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Ganja Faux Pas – How to be a good social smoker

Do you smell rubber and gasoline? Of course you do because I know I do. How do I know that? Simple… I’ve been there. Where? Everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean I’ve seen a man in Thailand with a wooden cock. I dived the toughest muff. And still I’m here. But let’s get serious folks. Who needs that? Who wants to inhale smoke from a mold ridden, filthy, decrepit bong? Not me that’s for sure. I could go on and on with you all about this, I really could. But we all know there are certain no-no’s to smoking sweet seductive ganja. Oh it was illegal and now it’s not what’s up. How are them bottom booty apples? Pretty sweet I bet. Dig it: here’s a list of the don’t do items when it comes to smoking weed.

Don’t come without wraps/papers

Some people don’t have glass. Some people don’t prefer glass. So no glass- that’s alright. If you go to a friends house or visa versa, at least have wraps or papers. Being ill-prepared to ignite the fire with fire is a boo-boo. Don’t do it. You’ll end up having weed, sweet herby terpenes galore ganja, without the proper means to consume it. Who doesn’t hate a session without the proper means to ignite the funky?


When we pick apart buds of flower with our fingers we are constantly at loss for the oversized nuggets prevailing in the tray. Some people don’t care for a grinder but if you really think about it, who can smoke massive amounts without one? It’s not up to us to deliver relevant and current means to the end: it’s about the time tested means prevailing in getting the job done.


It’s an iffy thing, depending on dispensary packaging. No knock on any dispensary, but your best bet is to get several air-tight jars. Why? Well, let me explain, my friends. We all know weed has an expiration date of when it’s reached its jar life yes? So here’s how I see it: buy air tight jars. Conserve the weed, make it last for a longer period of time. This really applies to the occasional smoker. If you’re not a daily driver with the buds, a jar will make the most difference. Although heads up you heady patients, you need a jar or two as well.

Hemp wick

Hmm, hemp wick, hmhmhm. Yes hemp wick. For the win. The method of the hemp wick is to provide smokers with a butane free experience when lighting a bowl or dab. I feel this one may apply more for the lovely ladies in our lives, or in their own lives- ladies. Men cry too and also love hemp wick. Don’t judge.

Clean glass

If you do prefer and choose the glass route of smoking, you can bet your ass people want clean glass. The problem with dirty bongs, pipes, rigs, bubblers, rollers, etc., is that people don’t really need the extra dose of bacteria. I mean, it’s still COVID-19 time, and boy oh boy, does that bitch kill a lot of people (it has).

Fresh medicine

No one likes stale bud. No one enjoys the nasty old dabs. Don’t be that person… You’re better than that! The thing is, we all love fresh medicine. I don’t care if it’s top shelf premium super duper stuff. Even if it’s sun grown, got dang it Bobby, make sure it’s fresh!


If you’re a dabber you already know. Q-tips provide for clean bangers. As well as clean bowl pieces with stems. Or even without stems, there’s still that little bit of glass that needs loving. Q-tips are a go to for all medicated patients.

Fresh water

Fresh water is a must. Be it a bubbler or a bong, a rig or dog bowl, fresh water is a must. This relates to dirty glass- don’t be that ass. Come with class. Clean water. Nothing better, fresh H20. Keep it fresh y’all.


A tray is important for several reasons. First of all, it’s a cozy space to break up weed. Even with the grinder one can dump the ground cannabis onto the tray. Once on the tray, one can move around with the cannabis freely. Move about the cabin folks. Another thing with the tray, an important factor, have something to move the cannabis around with. Fingers work, but with COVID, it’s best to have something like a small instrument to shuffle the weed into a cone or to pack a bowl.

Glass cleaner

If you’re low on funds get coca cola. Put it in a cup. Boil it up in the microwave so it’s hot. Put it in the glass. Shake and stir, don’t shake and bake. Pour out into the receptacle. If you can afford it glass cleaners are the way to go. Where can you find glass cleaners? Most smoke shops sell a range and variety of glass cleaners. Some are instant shake and go clean, others are soakers made more for globs of wax and wax build-up in rigs.


This may be for the snobs, but maybe not. Even with budget medicine, having a variety of strains to select from in the sesh is important. Like Macklemore said, Willy Wonka got flavors. Everyone wants to try this and that, his and hers. It’s about mixing it up, going with different strains to feel different highs. Variety in strains never hurt anyone. That’s all I’m saying.

Puff, puff, pass

This is the southwest, but we should really look west to the coast to see how they do it. It’s another time honored tradition, this puff puff pass. People need to respect the equality of smoke for each head. Puff puff pass allows for everyone to get a fair hit. With pipes or bongs? One hit and pass. But some people as stated before don’t groove with glass. So we have to think mainly of the wrap and paper heads out there. 


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