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G Pen Connect by Grenco Science

G Pen | $150 MSRP Grenco Science | Paraphernalia Boutique

The G Pen Connect has been out for quite some time now and the reviews are in; This. Thing. Rips. The G Pen Connect gives a new experience to concentrate users looking to enjoy their rig set-up without the tedious task of traditional torch and nail. With 3 heat settings, a completely detachable heating element and ceramic coils, this vaporizer packs a real punch. So, is it a vaporizer? Well kind of, you would put your dab into the Connect instead of the nail. That means that the Connect is more of a dabbing accessory than an actual vaporizer. So, is there a market for this? Is this the start of a new wave of devices that will replace your blowtorch forever? Only time will tell, but we like where we are heading! The Connect fits 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm female fittings. Reviewed by Austin Cabral.

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