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Flintts Mints | Mouth Watering Mints

Flintts Mints

Flintts Mints | Mouth Watering Mints

Flintts Mints are quick-dissolving mints that make your mouth water in order to combat Dry Mouth. Flintts Mints are formulated with Spilanthes flower to stimulate natural saliva production. Saliva includes minerals that keep your teeth hard as well as digestive enzymes that clean the surface of your mouth. Over time, Dry Mouth can cause serious oral health issues that can be avoided with proper saliva production. Flintts Mints come in different strengths and flavors, depending on the amount of mouth watering effect desired and personal taste. Like traditional mints, Flintts Mints also make your mouth feel clean. They're sugar-free, vegan, non-GMO, and there is no plastic in the packaging. Flintts Mints are available to purchase at


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