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Five Keys to Cannabis Industry Development in 2024

Cannabis Industry

As the cannabis industry continues to evolve, stakeholders are keenly anticipating transformative changes in 2024. Here are five key developments that enthusiasts, consumers, retailers, wholesalers, and everyone connected to the plant aspire to witness this year.

1. Federal Legalization:

Recent strides in cannabis policy at the federal level offer promising signs. Legislative proposals, such as the MORE Act, aim to decriminalize and deschedule cannabis, fostering a comprehensive regulatory framework. Sources indicate growing bipartisan support for these initiatives, hinting at a potential shift in federal cannabis policy.

2. Banking Reforms:

Financial constraints have long plagued the cannabis industry due to limited access to banking services. Recent discussions in Congress and proposed bills, such as the SAFE Banking Act, underscore the need for banking reforms. These proposals seek to provide cannabis businesses with the financial stability and legitimacy they deserve, with growing optimism for their passage.

3. Quality Standards:

The push for standardized quality measures in the cannabis industry is gaining momentum. Industry leaders are collaborating to establish and uphold rigorous quality standards, ensuring that products meet safety and efficacy benchmarks. Initiatives like the Cannabis Quality Assurance (CQA) program exemplify a commitment to elevating product quality and consumer trust.

4. Social Equity Measures:

Acknowledging the historical disparities related to cannabis, there is a collective call for social equity measures. Recent state-level policies, such as those in Illinois and Massachusetts, showcase efforts to address inequities. These initiatives prioritize inclusivity, offering opportunities for marginalized communities to participate meaningfully in the burgeoning cannabis market.

5. Community Education:

Progress in destigmatizing cannabis relies heavily on community education. Initiatives like public awareness campaigns, educational seminars, and online resources are on the rise. Organizations such as Cannabis Cactus and Leafly are actively engaged in disseminating accurate information about cannabis, contributing to a more informed and accepting society.

These anticipated developments in the cannabis industry signify a collective push for positive change. Stakeholders remain hopeful that this year will mark a significant turning point for the industry, bringing about increased legality, transparency, quality, equity, and community understanding.


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