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Finding a Healthy Balance with Cannabis

It’s hard to deny Spring is here now that May has begun. For people who live in places where the weather is not always nice, spring brings congratulations for pressing through the winter. The arrival of more sunny days and rising temperatures is the perfect chance to connect with your inner force. An opportunity to take a walk in the perfect sunshine and ask, what is important and what is worth setting to the side with this change of season. Below are 3 ideas on how to find a healthy balance within.


Incorporating any type of physical movement can really be a game changer. Taking a short walk around the block early in the morning, afternoon and evening not only is a perfect excuse to move your body but also to take time and take in your surroundings. Stretching your body is also another form of exercise that can open up new ideas. Sometimes it’s not about the level of effort that goes into the exercises but the act of participating in movement that helps the force inside start to shine.

Reflection Time

Opening the notes or voice memo app on a phone if a pen and paper is too hard to locate is a perfect way to release inner thoughts. Expression in any form is a way to bring things to the surface and start to work through them. Talking to a friend or even a therapist to be able to layer down ideas is also a great form of reflecting. To stay in touch with ourselves we need to spend time with ourselves. There are so many distractions as the change of seasons occurs. Taking time to reflect is taking ownership of this time by finding the things you want to focus and move forward with and doing exactly that.

“Tolerance Break”

Cannabis is deeply incorporated into my lifestyle and life. There are several checks and balances that I try to run personally that help put things in perspective from time to time. We used to joke about “tolerance breaks” saying that if you stop smoking when you start again you get “way more high”. As true as that may be, a tolerance break is a perfect way to find a healthy balance with cannabis and yourself. Taking a break from the normal routine not only brings new focus but also helps me understand some areas I have been setting to the side. Staying in tune and listening to myself becomes easier when I choose to do something different.

So now what will you do to take this perfect chance to connect with your inner force? Maybe incorporating a walk or writing time is all you need. Maybe a tolerance break is a fun idea to challenge yourself if cannabis is a big part of your lifestyle. Whatever you decide to do, you’ve already taken the first step in asking yourself what is important and what is worth setting to the side with this change of season. Enjoy the springtime! One love.


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