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Event Recap: Heady Halloween

I hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween! I know I sure did at the Heady Halloween event Hosted by The Cannabis Cactus, Starring Frostysfresh and Hoodrattshit that took place At Jarrods Coffee, Tea & Gallery in Mesa. It was such a great event, from the food to the gift boxes and all the treats inside, the live glass blowing and just the whole experience was amazing. There were definitely no tricks pulled at this dinner.

I’m sorry to say, if you missed it, you missed a great time. But no worries, I can tell you how it all went down. It all started outside, everyone waiting in line was already having a good time just chit chatting and enjoying some treats of their own (Which I’m sure were medicated). There seemed to be a lot of supporters from a lot of different regions. I met people that traveled from Oklahoma and Las Vegas, and was able to sesh with a couple homies from Cali. I, myself, drove from Chicago.

So with everyone waiting in line eager to enter, there was an announcement made that entering and seating would begin soon. Before anyone could be seated they had to get their picture taken on the green screen, so good thing everyone dressed up in their costumes. With this whole pandemic it was nice to see some stoners get together in the Halloween spirit and have some fun. So after guests had their picture taken, they were escorted to their seat where a gift box with logos, information and quotes from Frostysfresh, Hoodrattshit and Cannabis Cactus were printed on it. But the real treat is what was waiting on the inside of the box.

So many goodies packed neatly in an amazing looking box. Of course, I have to thank the sponsors such as Mohave, Green Gene Genetics, and The House Exotics for the pre-rolls that kept everyone smoking. Can’t forget about the concentrates from Holoh and Shango. The half gram of shatter I received from Holoh was good, but Shango really outdid themselves with Some Bordello Fresh Press Live Rosin. I have to say me being a hash lover, the Bordello From Shango testing at 80.66% THC 3.01% and 94.40% total cannabinoids was definitely an excellent treat.

After sitting taking some dabs, smoking a couple joints, drinking the delicious Lemonade from AZ infusions and eating a couple macaroons from Dab Delights the salads arrived followed by the entrees. I ordered the Penne Prima that was very tasty. Huge thank you to Chef Turtle and the crew for keeping everyone fed. Finally, the desserts were being served, cannoli’s made by The Blazed Chef with medicated fresh berry preserves were amazing, I couldn’t get enough and wish they had been endless. Real deal cannoli’s made for a great Desert.

So after the food and deserts and some more dabs and joints there wasn’t much left to do but watch the stars of the show, Frostysfresh and Hoodrattshit, do what they do best and turn those rods of glass into some amazing sculptures and functional artwork. I could probably sit and watch these two guys blow glass all day.

All in all it was a great night, with some good friends and some amazing food, desserts, and meds. Again, a huge thank you to all the sponsors, especially Mohave and Shango for the secret Menu meds, and The Blazed Chef who came all the way from Las Vegas to share their delicious desserts with us. I have to say the Bordello by Shango and those Cannoli’s from Blazed Chef were the highlights of my night.

In case you missed it and this still just wasn’t enough, don’t worry, The Cannabis Cactus plans on making Heady Halloween an annual event and Frostysfresh will also be having another event for New Years in Vegas. If you want to catch the live glass blowing, well just hop on Instagram make sure you’re following Frostysfresh and Hoodrattshit and turn your notifications on because these two guys are always working, getting down on the torches on their IG live. Hope to see everyone New Years and close out 2020 the right way.


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