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Ducky Moss | Interview

We were lucky to get the chance to speak to Ducky about his Cannabis Cactus comic characters Peel n’ B-nana. He also opened up about a wild bike accident he encountered when he was in his teens that changed his life forever. Whether you enjoy a good comic to read or just want to get stoned with a good conversationalist, the Duck is your dude. Sit back, relax, grab a fat sack and enjoy an evening at the pond!

Ducky Moss

What’s up man? introduce yourself.

I’m Lucky Ducky. I’ve been tattooing for 20 years. Born and raised Phoenician, it’s a rare thing here.

What’s the deal with Peel n’ B-nana?

You can look at it as split personality disorder, but they are separated. They each smoke their own types of weed. One is more a sativa, the other more of an indica, Peel is the indica and B-Nana is the sativa.

Ducky Moss Peel n Bnana

How does the development process of these characters work?

First I see it in my head, then I transfer it from mind to reality. I drew a lime and a lemon in a cartoon once, they are the hosts of a dating couple show, it’s rather comical. It probably took me a good ten times of redrawing them before I actually drew something I was happy with.

When I write the plot to the stories, I just sit back with a blunt or a cone and listen to some good reggae. I kind of go through stories of friends that I have and things that I’ve been through.

How old were you when you started drawing?

I was probably like five years old when I started drawing cartoons like copying Garfield characters, I would just be watching the cartoons then I started drawing them.


How did you lose your sense of smell? (We asked ducky to smell a nug and he informed us that he has no sense of smell)

When I was 18, I got in a motorcycle accident. I t-boned a minivan doing like 45 right over by Cortez High School on Dunlap. They made a left turn right in front of me and stopped, so it wasn’t my fault. I was going straight they were turning left coming out of an apartment complex. I ended up losing my smell, the nerve endings from my nose to my brain were severed from the five cerebral concussions I had.

Luckily I was wearing a helmet, it was probably the first time in like three months I wore a helmet because I didn’t want to hear my mom’s mouth when I got home. So God bless my mother for saving my butt. When the ambulance came and got me, my arm was cut open and missing a bicep and I bruised and punctured my lungs.

Ducky Moss & Mike

What is your favorite way of consuming your medication?

I used to do mad dabs, but I prefer to just roast a bong, or stuff a cone. I used to smoke lots and lots of blunts, ten to fifteen a day. Go camping take a box of sixty60 and come back with one.

Shoutout to: Lucky Ducky @duckyspondofink @peelnbnana

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