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Double Cup Live Resin by MPX

Double Cup | Live Resin  MPX | Where: Zen Leaf

So I’m actually really surprised I haven’t done a review on this or pretty much any MPX because thinking back that’s what got me started writing here with this Magazine that I’m extremely grateful to be writing for, but that’s another story. I will say this though, MPX is literally the ONLY company that has never disappointed me when it comes to live or cured resins, though I haven’t seen any cured in a while. Health for life is the home of MPX and always has a sale where they sell 5 grams for $135, which is a great deal but I got lucky with a BOGO at Zen Leaf and got the same deal with an extra gram. This double cup was extremely sweet in both smell and flavor with a nice touch of lemon and Limes. The effects were strong but purely stimulating and uplifting. Definitely a must try if you love those sweet citrus sativas. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.



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