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Dosido 9 by Phoenix Cannabis Co.


Photo by Luke Wayne Media

Swing your partner, Dosido, sumthin sumthin cotton eyed Joe! Okay, I may have smoked a bit too much for this strain review. This Dosido 9 is grown by Hunter and the team at Phoenix Cannabis Co. It’s covered in giant trichomes that are showing off like it’s a contest. This strain hits smoothly and the flavor is way more intense than what we expected. On the front end, it’s all cannabis and earthy notes but on the back end it tastes minty and fresh. The effects begin immediately and round out with an intense high after a few minutes. One puff from a joint or bowl will be enough to feel the effects. Even veteran smokers will struggle to make it through a whole joint of this potent medicine. Expect a nicely balanced hybrid that is simultaneously uplifting and relaxing.

Find this Dosido 9 at Nature’s Medicines Dispensary.

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