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Do-si-Dos Dry Sift Rosin by OG Zonka

Do-si-Dos Dry Sift Rosin by OG Zonka

This rosin by OG Zonka is a thick, heavy paste that serves well as a glob to hit your bucket for instant relief for any sort of discomforts that might be agitating you. A heavy smell like flowers and spices take my rig over. The terp profile is an Earthy, Spicy, lemon flavor that makes me want to layback and daydream. Testing shows a high amount of two of my favorite terpenes, Caryophyllene and Limonene. Based on the name of one, limonene is often found in citrus, peppermint, or juniper that provides anti-anxiety, anti-depression, and pain relief. Caryophyllene is common in black pepper, basil, or cinnamon, with great soothing properties for pain. My body was light, starting in the hands, then legs, and eventually all over to lay me down to rest. This rosin is a heavy hitting indica that helps greatly with mood, or could easily inspire hunger if needed. This rosin would be a great fix for anyone who is doubtful of rosin, or who needs something strong that works consistently.

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