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Diamond Knot | Quartz Banger by SD Dank

Diamond Knot | Quartz Banger SD Dank | Where:

Are you tired of looking for a carb cap every time you take a dab? or maybe you’re just old fashioned and like to take hot dabs. Well the Diamond Knot is for you. This banger is basically a big bowl with a 6 stack quartz knot or gear welded in the center. This allows for minimal airflow but enough to pull the concentrate down, vaporizing more and more with each stack of quartz it passes through. If you are a new dabber or low temper, I definitely do not recommend this. But for all my peeps that love them hot and hurty you definitely need one of these. Especially since they welded over that pesky center hole that basically wastes concentrates when the quartz isn’t hot enough. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.


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