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DEA Cannabis Rescheduling??!!

DEA Cannabis


You’ve probably already seen the news. “The DEA will make a move to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug.”

First of all, you misspelled cannabis.

Second of all, we’ve heard this same story over and over. Could this be it? Will they actually do something to remove federal prohibition of cannabis?

In our best guess.... maybe, but probably not.

It’s hard to make a good hypothesis when you’re so unashamedly biased about cannabis. We’ve all been tricked by these headlines before, more than once.

Remember the SAFE Act, the MORE act, the more recent SAFER Act, and all the other fun acronyms that never amounted to anything?

Maybe this really is the time. However, we’ll just keep a level head and act as if nothing is happening. 

Another point to consider, rescheduling doesn’t make cannabis legal, as it will still be considered a controlled substance. At best, it only makes our current reality official. States have already taken control of their own cannabis destinies. If you think about it, we already won. The Federal Government has allowed the states to legalize cannabis. 

This move may very well be for the benefit of those in power. It is an election year, and this is a good time to watch for wild card legislation, whether it be for theater or actually gets passed into law.

Fool me once, shame on you.

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