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Davinci Vaporizer

We have all heard of the Da Vinci code but have you heard of the Da Vinci dose? It’s something maybe much more cool but definitely way easier to figure out and enjoy than the code. LOL

Well, hold on, let me take it back a little. Not as far back as Leonardo DaVinci but maybe almost as far. We all strive for the best taste, the best effect, the best overall quality, but most of us have all started with an aluminum can or piece of fruit. Hell, we had to start somewhere, not all of us were blessed with starting our cannabis journey in the 2000’s, in the era of fancy super cool devices. Nope, we started back when anything and everything could be a pipe. A can, fruit, tools, and even papers from books. Newer smokers have no clue, but my OG’s know what I’m talking about and probably have tons of stories. Stories that I’m sure we’ll agree are cool as can be but the stories will never be as technically advanced and as cutting edge as some of the stories that are and will come from DaVinci Vaporizers.

Ok, well, I guess we better load an IQ2 and get this conversation warming up.

Overall description of DaVinci the company?

When it comes to cannabis consumption, people want reliability, safety, purity, innovation and control. These things have never been a given in the cannabis industry until DaVinci. We’ve built our brand on intelligent features that prioritize the consumer, superior design and responsible manufacturing. We originally set out to change the cannabis industry, and DaVinci products have raised the standard for both the cannabis industry and consumer technology as a whole.

Why the name DaVinci? That’s a big name to live up to the legendary man and even a really cool movie with Tom Hanks…

Inspired by the vision and tenacity of Renaissance innovator Leonardo da Vinci, Cortney Smith founded DaVinci Tech in 2011 with the desire to change the world’s imagination.Like its namesake, DaVinci Tech is known for relentless innovation. The dreamers behind the brand never stop pursuing perfection, constantly advancing the cannabis experience through thoughtful design, meticulous engineering and innovative technology. DaVinci Tech designs tiny devices that are changing the bigger conversation about cannabis consumption.

Since DaVinci Tech’s founding, the team has established a legacy in creating trusted products such as the DaVinci Classic and the DaVinci IQ. Its developers draw from a rich history in manufacturing and hardware component design to build responsibly and bring clean consumption to the forefront. The DaVinci Tech team strives to make the most advanced products with features that follow DaVinci Tech’s brand pillars: Purity, Innovation and Control.

When did the company start and where are you all based?

We were founded and reside in Las Vegas, Nevada although DaVinci Tech has grown to an international brand since 2011.

Our intention began and remains with a desire to create a portable vaporizer designed for loose-leaf with precision temperature control and most importantly, offer a new outlook on cannabis by providing access to specific cannabinoids.

What was the 1st product DaVinci Vaporizer released and how far have you advanced to your most current product?

The DaVinci OG Classic was launched in 2012 as our first DaVinci vaporizer to hit the market. Advancements since the DaVinci OG Classic,, include but are not limited to:

  1. Precision temperature control and dosage metering – track dosage and real time cannabis consumption information on the device or through a bluetooth connected app.

  2. Technical capabilities have all improved over the past years because DaVinci’s purpose is to raise the standard for cleaner cannabis consumption with our patented Clean First™ and Smart Path™ Technology. These technologies ultimately provide the consumer with a cleaner and controlled vaporizing experience recreationally and medically. 

  3. We’ve completely revamped the IQ Series DaVinci vaporizers internals for an improved experience  

You know there are a lot of products out there that are considered Vaporizers. What about and why is DaVinci Vaporizer different? How do you all stand out in a very fast growing industry?

The DaVinci Clean First™ Technology sets us apart from any other vaporizer company. Our heat-not-burn oven delicately warms your herb or concentrate while the Zirconia vapor path cools your vapor, which provides a 50% cooler vapor experience than any other vaporizer product on the market. We also offer Smart Paths™ Technology which allows you to precisely control your device’s temperature range.

The new IQC features advanced temperature control, app connectivity, a replaceable battery and USB Type-C charging, which enables the device to rapidly charge and power up your phone on-the-go. Additionally, it has an antimicrobial polymer mouthpiece and a sealed zirconia/glass airpath built with no metals or plastics, ensuring the most sanitary experience possible.

I want to dig in a little further and spread some knowledge to the readers and heck even myself. LOL. So maybe you can give us a cool little rundown on how your devices can actually meter out desired dosage. I know we chatted a little about it at the Champs Tradeshow but there is so much info and knowledge to take in.. so lay it on us….metered doses?

The IQ2 is the first vaporizer to introduce on-device dosage control for tracking consumption without the need for a separate app or proprietary cartridges.

Our most popular products right now are the dosage pods and dosage pod holder kit. We always say a clean vape is a happy vape; our pods are our way of keeping your oven clean while providing the ability to pre-measure dosage and stay sesh ready when you’re on-the-go.

With how technically advanced you all are compared to others I see “them” where you are in 5 years. So with that being said, where do you see DaVinci in 5 years? What about 10 years?

Our goal is for everyone to know the DaVinci brand— that is how we can truly help others to consume cannabis in the cleanest, healthiest way possible. We will continue offering our patented technologies within our devices, and grow as a company to truly set the standard for the vaporizer market.Through consumer feedback as well as awareness of the cannabis and tech industries. DaVinci is known for pure innovation and we’ll continue to innovate the cleanest vaporizers with optimal control capabilities.

If you could see or be one big change in the industry what would it be and why?

This is such a great question!

If we could see or be a big change in the industry we would continue to develop new vocabulary around the joys of being high. Furthermore our hope for the future would be to sponsor a round table conversation focused on bringing global solutions.

How can people reach out and order, learn, share, and enjoy?

Our patrons can purchase DaVinci products through our website – plus many other US & international licensed distributors offer our products. Our support team is readily available on our website as well. They are always happy to answer any questions our patrons have.We are active on several DaVinci Vaporizer social media channels including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIN, Reddit, and Fuck Combustion. We welcome direct messages and comments, as we thoroughly enjoy making new friends across the globe.

The IQC allows the consumer to vape at lower temperatures, what are the benefits of the low-temperature consumption?

Vaping at a lower temperature allows consumers to preserve the flower which ensures they are getting the most out of the consumption experience with better flavor and cooler vapor. 

Consumers will have the option to target specific terpenes and cannabinoids that reach their boiling point at extremely low temperatures such as the CBG cannabinoid which has a boiling point of 126°F, or Ocimene which has a boiling point of 150°F. Targeting specific terpenes and cannabinoids can provide the consumer with a subdued, yet very fulfilling and long-lasting effect.

What’s the most important thing for consumers to know about DaVinci?

When it comes to cannabis consumption, people want reliability, safety, purity, innovation and control. These things have never been a given in the cannabis industry until DaVinci. We’ve built our brand on intelligent features that prioritize the consumer, superior design and responsible manufacturing. We originally set out to change the cannabis industry, and DaVinci products have raised the standard for both the cannabis industry and consumer technology as a whole.

Dropping knowledge and education like Leonardo himself. It’s futuristic, it’s smart, it’s us! We as humans are always striving for newer and better. Well, after smoking for 25 years or so (lol) I think we need to look no further. DaVinci has come into the industry to revolutionize the way we intake our flower and concentrates. DaVinci has come into the industry to educate and share innovations and amazing technology. DaVinci has come into the industry to stay. I say that because like many inventors and philosophers that have come and gone, only a couple stay and remain relevant. You know, like, what’s his name? Oh yeah, duh, Leonardo DaVinci. LOL JK. The world all knows who he is and soon the whole world will know about the Vaporizer that’s NMBEARDEDMAN Approved. DaVinci Vaporizers that is.

The Cannabis Cactus Magazine has more great interviews.

Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan


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