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Crown OG | Crown OG


Crown OG | Crown OG

Crown OG is bred from the happiness and jubilation of King Louis OG x SFV OG. This strain breeds true to its lineage, expressing the finest qualities of its beloved parent OG cultivars. Flavors are characterized by fresh pine and sweet earthiness. The effects are strong and long lasting, but also wakeful and invigorating. This is a solid strain recommended due to its OG pedigree and overall smoking enjoyment. Crown OG can be found in dispensaries throughout Southern California. It has developed a special place in connoisseurs' hearts because of the familiar sweetness, a limonene-dominant terpene profile reminiscent of early 2000’s Kush genetics. This was originally created by Florida grower Matt “Bubba” Berger, and distributed worldwide by Los Angeles breeder Josh D.


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