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Connected Cannabis | Hitchhiker | 3.5g Jar


Connected Cannabis | Hitchhiker | 3.5g Jar

I picked up an eighth of the Hitchhiker strain from Mint Dispensary in Tempe, Arizona. The genetics of this strain are a mystery but Hitchhiker is known to be a choice smoke, balanced with cerebral and physical effects. We noticed a bright, earthy OG profile that is familiar to classic Ocean Grown cannabis that was made famous around 2008. Small nugs have a dark background with white frosted trichomes caked on top. HItchhiker’s mystery genetics have produced some of the highest THC flowers recorded above 35%. We found our best deal on where Connected flower was on special for Wildflower Wednesdays. The selection and deals are different every week and we have even seen BOGO’s on top shelf jars like Shango and Connected. Hitchhiker is a winner for summer 2023 because of the unique flavor and invigorating OG Kush effects.



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