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Co2lors | Naturally Fruity

For many people in the cannabis industry and regular cannabis users, vaporizer brands seem to be a dime a dozen. They come, they go, they need to be refilled, their batteries go kaput. Sometimes, they wow, and often… they disappoint. To set oneself apart as a vape brand, in an industry where they’re both a hot ticket item, and often overlooked by more serious consumers, is not an easy task.

Co2lors came on the scene in 2017. They were launched in Denver, Colorado, by their parent company Evolab, which has been a respected name in pioneering new cannabis technologies since 2011. Co2lors was looking to expand on Evolab’s cornerstones of quality, innovation, and the pure cannabis experience, with a product that has even more panache. Says Field Marketing Manager Anna Soskin, “we wanted to make a vape pen that is just as tasty as it is potent. Some people don’t enjoy the taste of strong cannabis. Other people are looking for something a little more fun and discreet. This is where Co2lors shines. With natural fruit flavors combined with fully intact cannabis terpenes, you get the best of both worlds. Customers and patients alike can have a delicious pen without having to sacrifice anything they love about cannabis. We strive to provide products that showcase everything cannabis has to offer in extra delicious fruit flavors”.

Co2lors’ vaporizers come in a wide variety of flavors (I’m partial to the Strawnana), with bright, fun colors to match. This is a discreet pen that also catches your eye, and I’m a sucker for cannabis that is not just a way to consume, but a visually pleasing experience. They can be disposable, but I love that you also have the option to recharge and even refill your pen with the 1gram refill kit (which can also be used for dabbing and cooking, if you prefer). I shared a Wild Berry 300 milligram pen with a friend, and asked him for his thoughts afterwards. His review: “it was super tasty and pleasant, and then suddenly, you’re a little bit high. This is like sweet nectar from the cannabis gods”. Then jokingly, “a few hits and it starts raining berries, and you start seeing colors”. Ah, yes, the name… it makes so much sense now!

When asked what sets Co2lors apart, giving them an edge over so many options for consumers to choose from, Anna said “there are three things that set us apart from other vaporizer brands: the quality of our oil, our flavors, and our hardware”. Co2lors uses fully intact cannabis terpenes as their cutting agent, meaning you get the full spectrum entourage effect. “This ensures that our customers and patients can expect a consistent euphoric hybrid every time. We never use propane or butane, meaning our oil starts out cleaner than many other brands on the market. We always filter the oil a minimum of 5 times to ensure that there is nothing left over from the extraction process. There is nothing in there but beautiful cannabis oil, cannabis terpenes, and fruit terpenes, resulting in a smooth, delicious, and potent hit every time.” They consistently test between 75%-85% THC.

Co2lors only uses natural fruit terpenes for flavor, meaning nothing synthetic or artificial is present in their products. For example, if you’ve had a chance to try out their Strawnana flavor, you’ll notice that it tastes like real bananas and not banana flavoring. This is one of the reasons their flavors are especially delicious to me. Artificial flavoring always reminds me of growing up with scratch ‘n sniff My Little Ponies… you know, the ones where you would scratch their butts and smell a fake fruit. That’s a bit nostalgic, I guess, but not something I want to consume or put in my body. I love that Co2lors uses natural fruit terpenes, and all of their flavors taste REAL, even the blends.

One of the complaints people often have about vaporizers is that their batteries die quickly or constantly need recharging, but I haven’t noticed that with Co2lors. Says Anna, “our all-in-one is the disposable 2.0. They combine the best of both worlds. The cartridge is attached to the battery as one unit, like all other disposables. However, ours are not just rechargeable but also refillable! It also features a ceramic wicking system so that you don’t have to worry about the bottom half of your oil burning while heating up the top half, resulting in a consistent flavor to the very last drop. Last but very not least, we use Pyrex glass, meaning that you don’t have to worry about it breaking, cracking, or leaking. We have a less that 1% failure rate for both our 0.3 AIOs and our 1g AIOs”.

Co2lors is available in Colorado, Arizona, Maryland, and Florida, and they are very much flourishing after six years in the business. They take great pride in their commitment to creating a consistent, delicious, and quality product, with a little bit of zest to it. They are also big supporters of the Last Prisoner Project, as well as local LGBTQ organizations in the community.


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