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Choice Chillington

A successful album release is a tall order for any band; be it issue with time, quality, or a need to find direction once the ship has sailed. This wasn’t the case for the band Clint Stevens, because everything has felt to be in place for some time, and their first full length speaks to that feeling at peace. The new material and release of Choice Chillington has been on the radar recently in Phoenix, but with this release we get the ideas taking shape as the band takes flight. Attending the official release at Mando and Bubbs, it was a great time to meet those that support the band, and had the same good vibes as the music. Those same good vibes were present with the band at the release; everyone was lit with a smile and the creativity to keep pushing forward.

If you’re looking for a new album to fill your time or mind with new ideas and infectious grooves, Choice Chillington might be for you. Overall the time spent with the music moves quickly, meaning you’ll want to roll this on repeat. Every voice within the band comes to life without sounding muddled or in competition with one another. The wait was a mixing and mastering decision that reinforces the choices being made by this chill band. Their growth continues as they play live, make plans for future music, and have hopes to take themselves to nearby states for shows. If you can, buy yourself a copy or give it a listen via Spotify, and hopefully catch Clint Stevens playing a show here in Phoenix or at a venue near you.


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