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Chicken Coop: OG Quartz

In the concentrates world, there are all kinds of banger options for your rig. Terp Slurper, Round Bottom, Flat Bottom, Core Reactor, inserts, pearls and more. The list goes on and on. Depending on your smoking style or even what you are smoking, what you prefer to use can change. In the end, the biggest debate is this: Is it China? The reason for that is the quality of the quartz and craftsmanship is not the same. China uses lower grade materials and is more worried with quantity over quality. Most of the items you get from china are knock offs of different countries’ more expensive designs. The bangers may look the same at first glance, but at closer inspection, you will notice the differences. Just remember, you get what you pay for.


I, for one, absolutely love how these hit. How you take your hit changes how you will prepare your dab. I take low temp dabs, so I drop my meds in while the banger is cold and then add heat. Once it starts to melt I drop the cap and enjoy my hit. If you take traditional hits, you would heat for 25 seconds and allow a 75 second cool down, depending on your torch, for what I’m told is the proper temp for that style of hit. Either way, once you drop the carb cap, you will see right away why this thing is amazing. The oil swirls around the side and collects at the bottom of the banger. As you turn the carb cap, it directs the oil around the curved bottoms and gives you an amazing hit. When you stop, all the oil collects at the bottom and is waiting for you to finish. If you are looking for a new banger for your collection, or just getting your first one, I highly suggest checking OGQuartz out. Let him know Stoneychicken sent you for a discount on his already low prices.

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