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Cherry Tropicana THC Vape Pen by GKUA

Cherry Tropicana | THC Vape Pen GKUA |

GKUA… Yea, how do you say it? Well that’s the question, but what’s not a question is the amazing quality! The flower was Cherry Tropicana and wow was it a true Sativa. It had me very happy and very energetic without the mind rush. Coming in at only 23.3% it goes to show you it’s not all about those numbers. I then tried the GKUA Ultra Premium Cart. It was super sleek and easy with the magnetic connection and the draw to activate feature. Super clean and very high quality. When Lil Wayne drops something it’s a hit, whether it’s music or fire cannabis products, it hits nice… By Shane Stanford@_NM_Bearded_Man.

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Shane Stanford is a dank dad living in New Mexico. Read more of his articles and follow him on Instagram @NMBeardedMan


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