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Cheetah Piss by Finest Farms

Cheetah Piss Finest Farms | NFS

I haven’t seen Cat Piss in ages, though a few years ago I saw a strain of Cheetah Piss that was being bred and sold but nowhere locally. Although Cookies Brand is now in AZ and they have a Cheetah Piss, I have not had the pleasure of trying it. This particular batch is from a farm that can be found in dispensaries in LA that was gifted to me from the guys over @weirdflexglass. This stuff is of the finest quality. The aromas of gas and pine with a mix of ammonia just sting the nose. After the grinding of the nugs the smell became stronger and more of a pungent mix of gas and ammonia that you could feel in the chest just from the smell. Taking a bong rip I was stoned. Nice and relaxed but not sedated. I definitely still didn’t want to do much but chill and eat so I definitely recommend this strain for use later in the day. If ever in LA, keep an eye out for Cheetah Piss by Finest Farms it will not disappoint. By Arturo Delgado @tookkie_terpenestein.

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