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Channel Slurper Set by Yo Dabba Dabba

Channel Slurper Set | Quartz Banger Yo Dabba Dabba | Where: Paraphernalia Boutique

I’m a low temp dabber, so my boyfriend gave me this channel slurper from YoDabbaDabba Tools to try out recently. I’ve only ever used a bucket in my rigs; I call them “normal bangers” because I’m still a newbie. I’ve seen the YoDabba terp slurpers before but this one is a little different. The dish has these little grooves to guide the concentrate into the bucket. The cool part is they give you an opaque gear insert that spins around and spreads the heat evenly. Which we know is the best way to save the terps! YoDabba suggests heating the slurper up for 45 seconds and cooling down for 50, but I use a dabrite and usually do my dabs around 500°f. This channel slurper set is for sure my new favorite. My dabs turn out perfect and it’s easy to keep clean! By Courtney Baker @bake.gets.baked.



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