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Celebrating with Cannabis

August is my birth month. Every time it comes around I’m looking to celebrate in the most over the top way possible. Usually a celebration of mine includes cannabis so I like to choose activities that make it possible to enjoy it as much as I want. Here are 3 ways I like to celebrate my big day that may be fun for you to do on your next birthday.

1. Plan a Trip 

Take some vacation days and send it. My birth month is in August so the summer time lends to wonderful times outdoors. Some of my favorite memories are venturing into a campground with some cannabis and enjoying nature and a campfire. Hiking, biking or boating are all fun low key activities that are usually easy to find near campgrounds. Maybe a trip to the bowling alley is sufficient for you but make sure you plan something to commemorate your special day.

2. Have a Party 

This can be local or destination. For my 29th birthday I invited my friends to join me in Barcelona. This was perfect because there are tons of cannabis clubs we were able to hang out in plus we all got to see a new city together. In years when I couldn’t plan a party abroad I found a spot local and invited everyone to join. It’s amazing how some food and a ton of weed and water can make for an unforgettable time. After all a party is a party because of the people so why not get a group together to celebrate with you.

3. Make a Giant Infused Birthday Cake 

The classic edible birthday cake. There’s been years where I’ve put too much and years I’ve put too little in the cake. Regardless of the process of making the cake and decorating it, knowing the cake is infused with cannabis is a really fun feeling. The great thing about cannabis evolving these days is if you don’t want to infuse your birthday cake you can go pick up some ice cream cake flower and have a classic smoke. Oh yeah and the most important part, remember to tell people the cake is special before you blow out the candles.

Whether your birthday is this month or a year from now you have some new plans to make. If you’re a lover of the plant or you know someone who is, I hope you find some new ways to celebrate. However you choose to enjoy your big day, make sure you have fun and relax. Take some time to embrace the bliss of welcoming another year of life. One love and Happy Birthday.

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